About Us

Wombology™ celebrates women in all of their glory, femininity, and power.  Sometimes, as women, we can get lost in the hustle of everyday women and forget to take care of ourselves and our own needs.  At Wombology™, we provide resources and steps that equip women with the tools to take ownership of their lives, embrace their femininity, and celebrate their power.  It is our desire to heal of mankind, one womb at a time.

The Womb Love Box was created to remind women to take the time to address their needs and take care of themselves physically and spiritually.  With this is mind, The Womb Love Box subscription service was also created to make taking this time easy by providing a luxury hand curated box of products that promote health and wellness.  Each month, as a subscriber, you will receive a box filled with items to use that promote loving and caring for yourself.   As you love on yourself more, your joy and abundance will also increase.  Fill your cup and allow it to run over so that you can continue being the amazing woman that you are!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to request services or simply to share your own story that can inspire others!

Need more reasons to sign up?

The Womb Love Box is a curated cruelty-free box of handmade items that support womb wellness and foster a deeper spiritual connection and loving relationship with one's self.  Each product selected from a variety of womanpreneurs who are dedicated to the service of helping other women feel beautiful and inspired within themselves.   Each monthly box includes 4-6 full-size items which can including handmade soap, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, herbal teas, books, handmade jewelry, and more.  Each themed monthly box is the perfect reminder to put You first.  Get yourself a monthly subscription or gift a box to a woman that you love.  Go on and let your hair down.   Free U.S. shipping. Ships worldwide ($30 to Canada, $60 International).